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Transnational Dance
Body Positive Bellydance in the privacy of your own home

Bellydancer with veil

I began my bellydance journey in 2005, and moved into teaching in 2010 when I realized that I wanted everyone to enjoy this beautiful dance, and not just fall into the stereotype. I knew that no matter a person's age, size, gender expression, or any other factor, they could love learning how their body moved. I have kept this at the forefront of my teaching throughout the years, and my students appreciate the safe and welcoming space I provide, both in person and online. 

My true joy lies in teaching beginners. I delight in their discoveries about how they can move, and how they become better acquainted with themselves in the process.  I also enjoy working with a variety of music, introducing students to new music and teaching them the many ways it can look when translated through Bellydance makes for great fun!

Let yourself move, let yourself love, let yourself dance. 

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