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Beautiful Beginnings

Ephelia Healing Arts was born out of Jamie's desire to help gently guide others on their journeys to finding their inner truth, heal their souls, and explore their spiritual path. Jamie teaches Empowered Movement to help remind the body how to heal itself and prepare it to receive the energy and love it needs. She uses her Energetic Healing abilities to discover and clear blocks, whether they are emotional, spiritual, or physical. 

Transnational Dance (aka Bellyance)

Jamie took her first bellydancing class in 2003 and was hooked! After years of training, she decided to teach starting in 2010. She creates and shares a strong foundation of moves that can be built upon to then access more complex Transnational movements. She has trained in Egyptian, Tribal, or Fusion styles of Transnational dance. Her greatest joy is in introducing this wonderful dance to new people and watching them reconnect with their bodies in ways they never thought possible. Bellydance is a wonderful way to free your body from the daily constraints put upon it, allowing for free and relaxed movement in a loving a supportive environment. Get to know your body again (or for the first time) as you develop a new way of moving and interacting with her.  A willingness to learn and to love yourself is all that is needed to start your journey.

Earth Mama Healing

Jamie is a lifelong intuitive healer, empath, and channeler of Earth energy who directs her gifts through intuitive touch. She also reads vibrations and sees blocks in the body that need to be cleared. She uses a combination of  tools, including Reiki, EFT/TFT, sound, vibration, touch, crystals, and elemental wands to identify and initiate the process of clearing and releasing stuck energies. She sees movement in each chakra which guides her in helping to balance their body, mind, and spirit. Her insights often surprise clients, and helps them uncover what is holding them back from their truest self. She simply reminds your body how to feel its best and to heal from within. 


Jamie has practiced yoga since the early 1990's, and is a certified 200CYT Yoga teacher. Once she began her healing journey, she decided to pursue her certification in Yoga Therapy. Yoga originated as a means of deep meditation, only later becoming a movement based practice using asanas, or poses. Yoga is a fantastic stress reliever that helps to build strength and flexibility while giving your body and mind the care they deserve. Yoga can be practiced by any body of any ability level, and is a wonderful way to stretch and move in a nourishing, empowering, and affirming way. Jamie offers group or individual practices in Yin, Restorative, Curvy Yoga for the Marvelously Middle Aged, Moon Witch Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.

Poi Spinning

Poi Spinning is a fun way to build flexibility, strength, and mind-body connection. It also involves a bit of a sense of humor and the willingness to hit yourself quite often as you learn. Jamie is available for 2-hour-long single workshops, a 4-week series of workshops, or ongoing weekly classes for beginners. Contact Jamie for more information and to book a demonstration.

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