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Welcome to Moon Witch Yoga!

Why Moon Witch?

Like the Moon, our bodies move through phases throughout the month, from the obvious phase that cisgendered females experience through menstruation, to the often untracked and unrecognized change in energy that inevitably occurs. The Witch portion is to symbolize that changes that magically happen in your body when you start paying attention to it! Just learning to be still, get quiet, and listen with an open heart will create great change in your relationship to yourself.

I offer two classes, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Both are designed specifically to explore that stillness and reinforce that relationship you have to your body. They have the added benefit of easing your mental state, and allowing you to connect to spirit in that same stillness.

Yin Yoga uses props and gravity to open the body through poses that are help for up to 5 minutes. The poses are passive and you will be on the floor in some fashion the entire time.

Yoga Nidra has been described as conscious sleep. As you lay in the most comfy position you can dream up, I will lead you through relaxation, intention, breath work, and rotations of consciousness through you body to relax it even more deeply, as well as several forms of visualization. Then you are slowly guided back to full conscious awareness at the end.

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