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Candles and bowls, woman leaning forward
green bowl with shell, sage, and fan inside of it
woman with cloak and headpiece, eyes close and arms raised

Compassionate Guidance

I am a Nature Witch who has mentored and coached awakening souls through their journeys for over 15 years. My ability to use Earth Energy to heal arose early in childhood as a pathway out of abuse. I would communicate with the Earth around me, especially the trees, which would offer unconditional love and support. I learned to reach for this healing in times of need, and to eventually direct it through my body to help others. 

I also live with a strange memory condition called Severely Deficient Biographical Memory (SDAM). It means that I do not remember as others do, in fully realized first person, but rather in still moments in third person (if at all). At first, I was devastated. After all, I don't remember my own wedding, But through time, I realized it was actually a beautiful gift. This allows me to truly live in the moment and be fully present. What this means for my coaching is that our time spent together is all in service of you and your experiences, rather than ones I may have had. There is no reminiscing or remembering happening to interrupt your time. I am fully there for you.

Beyond that, I am always strengthening my connection to the Earth and the Divine during my daily meditation practice and Card pulls. I incorporate Middle Eastern dance, Yoga, and Poi spinning into my movement practice because I love variety and learning new things. I'm also a huge nerd, a fantastic hugger, and a crystal and pen hoarder. I can't wait to get to know you better!

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